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Winter and Me

Hello, my name is Debbi and I started the Natural Equine a over 10 years ago, when I met a natural barefoot trimmer in Kentucky. I was so captivated by his approach (being different than that of a traditional farrier), that I became obsessed with hooves. I was trained in the horse world, some would say, the "old-school way". Watching this man and listening to him with my horse made me realize that what I knew was all wrong. Recognizing that his approach was similar to the philosophy of the way I was raised, holistically, I threw everything I thought I knew about horses out the door and started new. The kicker, my father was, many years prior, studying to become a homeopath, but I was stuck in my head with the way horses should be treated both physically and medically.

A little more back story; I Grew up in a family that stepped outside the box a long time ago when it came to medicine and healing, My father, a formally trained veterinarian turned homeopath, raised us with every alternative method you can think of, including "organic" food. I am not sure why I didn't apply that to my horses, but I have since stayed true to that path of health and healing. Through much research and schooling, and watching my father heal animals holistically at a time when it was nearly unheard of, has been my ultimate goal. 

I offer quite a few different services that encompass the "whole" horse. Though I started as a Natural Barefoot Trimmer and Equine Body-worker,  knowing that holistic meant approaching both animals and humans as a "whole", I needed to expand my methods of healing into my practice. In the last few years I have worked very hard by gaining more knowledge in order to better help my clients horses. As of August 2022, I will be expanding with my own whole food herb blends.

I have incorporated methods that heal the "whole" horse, starting with diet (forage based with herbs) and then focusing outward. In this order; Proper Diet, properly trimmed hooves, a balanced body and a healthy mental state, we can achieve a healthy, happy, sound horse. This does take patience but, if we incorporate healing horses (all pets and even humans) the way nature intended; beautiful herb blends for nutritional and healing purposes, essential oils and homeopathy, it is worth its weight in gold.  

I am proud to be able to continue my education in order to help your horses, other pets and you!

​Debbi Baglione

Owner, The Natural Equine


Barefoot Trimmer

EMFT (Equine Myo-Functional Manipulative Therapist)

Homeopath (beginner cert. working on next level)

Advanced Master Herbalist

Small Title

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