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Custom Blends are available for after using the Applied Zoopharmacognosy test or if you are looking for something in particular for your horse.


They will be made in a 2 month supply as that is how long you want to use the herbs to start the healing process before retesting.

Pricing will vary depending on what herbs are determined to be the best out of your horses choices and availability, 

If you are looking for larger quantities of certain herbs, in most cases that can be accommodated.

You will receive a quote with an expiration date, once accepted, it will turn into an order and your order will be processed. 

Please keep in mind, it can take up to 3 days to go over an herb test and to decide the best plan of action. 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call or message.


Thank you!

Debbi Baglione

The Natural Equine

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