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Sacred touch;
A form of the practice of laying-on-of-hands,
knowing exactly how and where to place your hands
in order to bring a animal or human into a deep state of relaxation and healing.

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Integrative Body Work

A wholistic approach which merges techniques from a wide variety of methods and disciplines.
Anything that contributes to the health and well being of the client can be included in this individualized treatment approach.


Sessions can be any where from  45 minutes to  1.5 hours.

This depends on using multiple modalities or difficult issues and of course the horse.


$100 per horse, 5 horses maximum per day. This price includes all and any modalities I feel the horse needs.

20% discount over 4 horses at one location.

Kinesiology Taping $10 - $25 depending on taping methods and how much is used. 


If you have more than 4 horses, we can split up the sessions. 

Body work is most beneficial every 4-6 weeks to obtain optimal mobility and balance, especially if they are athletic or seniors. Your horses comfort will always be the focus

To learn about some of the modalities used,

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To learn more about joint dysfunction, 

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