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The sacred touch is a form of the practice of laying-on-of-hands,
knowing exactly how and where to place your hands
in order to bring a animal or human into a deep state of relaxation and healing.


Integrative Body Work
mind, body & soul

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Sessions normally run 1 hour, unless difficult issues are found. 


$100 per horse, 5 horses maximum per day.

$20.00 discount per horse over 4 at one location.

Kinesiology Taping $10 plus $2.00 per foot. 


If you have more than 4 horses, we can split up the sessions. 

Body work is most beneficial  every 4-6 weeks to obtain optimal mobility, and balance

especially if they are athletic. Your horses comfort will always be the focus

To learn about the foundation strokes and modalities for balancing.

click here


To learn more about joint dysfunction, 

click here.

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