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 Trimming/Hoof Consultations

AT THIS TIME I AM NO LONGER TAKING ON TRIMMING CLIENTS except for serious issues where I will consult with more internal healing and recommendations.

The Natural Equine's trimming method is to make sure the hooves are trimmed according to the way the horse dictates. The goal is to mimic natural wear by doing more frequent trims than the traditional pasture trims. By doing this, we are able to keep the hoof shape optimal without over growth, flare, cracks and other issues. Of course trimming alone will not create healthy feet, diet needs to be at it's maximum in order to achieve strong, healthy hooves. Click here for more information.

Trimming Consults.
Onsite: $75.00 this includes:
consultation of hoof, nutritional needs and possible herb testing.
Please see travel page for travel details.

Regular Barefoot trims are $40 for a 5 week rotation

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