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* I will travel through out Alabama, Florida and Georgia.



 5 horses max per day  - no matter distance.

Discounts apply over 4 horses at one location.​

If you have more than 4 horses, we can do therapy over two days, this is common when I travel into Florida.

Traveling more than 200 miles requires the same amount of horses as time on the road.

EX: if you are 3 hours away, you must have 3 horses min,, 7 hours, 7 horses min, etc...

Herb Testing can be done as well before or after EMFT services. 

Herb Testing Only: I can do 5-6 horses max. This service can take up to two hours. Travel fees may apply depedning on distance.


I am no longer taking on trimming clients but I will still provide consults for serious or tricky cases from an internal healing aspect. I can consult via phone/video or on site.

The fee will depend on a case by case basis. Please contact me for more information.

****Gather your friends to meet the minimum requirements and create your own rotation as well.

You do not need to be at the same place, as long as the distance is within 20 minutes of each other.

Contact me if you have questions or concerns. 

Other Fees and information

$150.00: Emergency calls: (this includes any services applied at time of call-NO EXTRA CHARGES)

*I use my own specialty crafted essential oil blends that come in a variety of applications. 

You may also purchase my specialty blends at the time of service or order online.


Payment Methods Accepted 



Credit/Debit via Square Chip Reader


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